St. Kerrill is the Patron Saint of Gurteen, who’s Feast Day occurs on the 13th of June. St. Kerrill’s Day has been celebrated by the people of Gurteen for centuries. Traditionally Mass is celebrated in the church at noon followed by a Pilgrimage Walk to St. Kerrill’s Well, where St. Kerrill is reputed to have banished an evil serpent. The Rosary is said at various crosses that mark the path to the well. The Walk culminates with the collection of St. Kerrill’s Holy Water from the well. The Holy Water is said to protect our homes from lightning!

In 1993 a group of locals came together to build a Festival around St. Kerrill’s Day. A unique fundraising initiative at the time resulted in the crowning of Mayor, Bernard Cunniffe. The festival was a great success and has continued ever since. This year marks the 24th Festival so come along & join in the celebrations!